A Table of all published GWAS with glycomics

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Here you find all published genome-wide association studies with glycomics traits (glycGWAS). If a study is missing from this list, please let me know.

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ReferenceStudy population(s)#Samples in study#Glycan traits assayed#glycQLTs and/or lociPlatform type / method
Lauc et al. (PLoS Genetics, 2010)CROATIA-
2,70515 N-glycans (DG1-DG13, FUC-A, FUC-C)3 loci, 8 glycQTLsTotal N-glycans released from plasma proteins (HILIC-HPLC)
Huffman et al. (Hum. Mol. Genet., 2011)CROATIA-
3,53333 N-glycans + 13 derived traits6 lociTotal N-glycans released from plasma proteins (HILIC-HPLC)
Lauc et al. (PLoS Genetics, 2013)several European cohorts2,247 (UPLC) + 1,848 (MS)23 (IgG N-glycans + 54 derived traits)9 lociIgG N-glycosylation (UPLC + MALDI-TOF MS)
Shen et al. (Nat.Comm., 2017)ORCADES, CROATIA-
1960 + 850 + 840 + 447923 (IgG N-glycans + derived traits)10 lociIgG N-glycosylation (UPLC + MALDI-TOF MS)
Wahl et al. (Front. Immunol., 2018)KORA + Leiden Longevity Study1,823 + 1,83650 (20 on IgG1 and IgG2, 10 on IgG4) + derived traits16 lociIgG glycosylation (LC–ESI-MS)
Sharapov et al. (Human Mol. Genet., 2019)
(BioRxiv version)
Eurpoean + Arabs/Filipinos/Indians (TwinsUK, PainOR, SOCCS, QMDiab)3,81136 N-glycans + 77 derived traits12 lociTotal N-glycans released from plasma proteins (HILIC-UPLC)
Sharapov et al. (Glycobiology, 2020)Four studies: EPICPotsdam, PainOmics, SOCCS, SABRE4,80236 N-glycans + 81 derived traits15 loci (replication study)Total N-glycans released from plasma proteins (HILIC-UPLC)
Klaric et al. (Science Advances, 2020)Four cohorts
of European descent
8,09077 IgG N-glycan traits27 loci for 21 independent traitsIgG N-glycosylation (UPLC)