Book recommendation: Genetics Meets Metabolomics – from Experiment to Systems Biology

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Some time ago I asked a number of friends and collaborators to write a chapter on their favorite topic for an edited Springer book on metabolomics. This is the result … Enjoy !

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From the Back CoverBook_Cover_Genetics_Meets_Metabolomics

Unlike previous books published on metabolomics, this book switches the focus from experimental questions and technical challenges, to the application of metabolomics with an emphasis on the underlying genetics. The chapters provide a thorough basis for the understanding of the underlying experimental techniques, concepts and potential biomedical applications of this exciting field. The interdisciplinary approach of this book addresses a wide readership, and contains educational aids for anyone not familiar with a particular area of metabolomics. The area of research where genetics and metabolomics meet is likely to represent a field where systems biology shall prosper highly in the years to come.

Source: Genetics Meets Metabolomics: from Experiment to Systems Biology, Springer, 2012. ISBN: 1461416884.

Table of Content

  • Pre-conditions for High Quality Biobanking in Large Human Epidemiological Cohorts for Metabolomics and Other – Omics Studies

    Illig, Thomas

    Pages 5-11

  • Assay Tools for Metabolomics

    Artati, Anna (et al.)

    Pages 13-38

  • Statistical Methods in Genetic and Molecular Epidemiology and Their Application in Studies with Metabolic Phenotypes

    Gieger, Christian

    Pages 39-56

  • Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry Based Non-targeted Microbial Metabolomics

    Witting, Michael (et al.)

    Pages 57-71

  • Metabolomic Systems Biology of Protozoan Parasites

    Breitling, Rainer (et al.)

    Pages 73-84

  • Mouse Genetics and Metabolic Mouse Phenotyping

    Fuchs, Helmut (et al.)

    Pages 85-106

  • Metabolomics in Animal Breeding

    Kühn, Christa

    Pages 107-123

  • Metabolomics Applications in Human Nutrition

    Daniel, Hannelore (et al.)

    Pages 125-137

  • Metabolomics for the Individualized Therapy of Androgen Deficiency Syndrome in Male Adults

    Haring, Robin (et al.)

    Pages 139-155

  • Systems Biology Resources Arising from the Human Metabolome Project

    Wishart, David

    Pages 157-175

  • Understanding Cancer Metabolism Through Global Metabolomics

    Milburn, Michael V. (et al.)

    Pages 177-190

  • Genetic and Metabolic Determinants of Fatty Acid Chain Length and Desaturation, Their Incorporation into Lipid Classes and Their Effects on Risk of Vascular and Metabolic Disease

    Kopf, Thomas (et al.)

    Pages 191-231

  • Mapping Metabolomic Quantitative Trait Loci (mQTL): A Link Between Metabolome-Wide Association Studies and Systems Biology

    Dumas, Marc-Emmanuel (et al.)

    Pages 233-254

  • Metabolic Traits as Intermediate Phenotypes

    Kronenberg, Florian

    Pages 255-264

  • Genome-Wide Association Studies with Metabolomics

    Suhre, Karsten

    Pages 265-279

  • Systems Biology Meets Metabolism

    Krumsiek, Jan (et al.)

    Pages 281-313