A Table of all published GWAS with proteomics

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Here you find all published genome-wide association studies with multiplexed protein traits in blood (pGWAS). If a study is missing from this list, please let me know.

This table was initially published as Supplementary Table 1 in Suhre et al. (2017) and has been updated as of October 09, 2018.

If you are interested in associations at specific loci you may also use the SNiPA block annotation tool [read this post], and if you are looking for associations specific to certain metabolites, try the Proteomics GWAS Server  [read this post].

ReferenceStudy population#Samples in study#Proteins assayed#pQTLs reportedPlatform type
Melzer et al. (PLoS Genet, 2008)Population study1200428Immuno-assay
Lourdusamy et al. (Hum Mol Genet, 2012)Elderly Europeans9677860Aptamer-based
Johansson et al. (PNAS, 2013)Two population cohorts10601635Mass-spectrometry
Kim et al. (PLoS One, 2013)Altzheimer's disease cohort52113228Immuno-assay
Enroth et al. (Nature Comm, 2014)Population study9707718Immuno-assay
Kauve et al., PLoS Genet., 2014CSF fluid from two Altzheimer's disease cohorts574595Immuno-assay for proteins relevant to Altzheimer's disease
Liu et al. (Mol Syst Biol, 2015)Female twins11334218Mass-spectrometry
Deming et al. (Sci Rep, 2016)Alzheimer cohort81814656Immuno-assay
Solomon et al. (Circ Cardiovasc Genet, 2016)Population study3305127Immuno-assay for proteins implicated in cardiovascular diseases
Ahola-Olli et al. (Am J Hum Genet, 2017)Population study82934827Immuno-assay for cytokines and growth factors
Di Narzo et al. (PLoS Genet, 2017)Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) patients187112841Aptamer-based
Suhre et al. (Nature Comm, 2017)KORA and QMDiab study (Germany and Qatar)13351124539Aptamer-based
Sasayama et al. (Hum Mol Genet, 2017)CSF fluid from a Japanese population1331126476Aptamer-based
Folkersen et al. (PLoS Genet., 2017)Population study33948379Immuno-assay for proteins implicated in cardiovascular diseases
Ahsan et al. (PLoS Genet., 2017)Population study103312145Antibody-based proximity extension assay
Carayol et al. (Nature Comm, 2017)Obese subjects494112955Aptamer-based
Benson et al. (Circulation, 2017)Framingham Heart Study and Malmö Diet and Cancer Study21801129161Aptamer-based, array based genotyping and exome seq
Patin et al. (Nature Immunology, 2018)unrelated, Western European ancestry, Milieu Intérieur cohort10008736Mean fluorescence intensity (MFI), cell surface marker
Sun et al. (Nature, 2018); pre-print on bioRxivInterval study (UK blood donors)330129941927Aptamer-based
Emilsson et al. (Science, 2018)AGES Reykjavik study (Islanders over 65)5457 41371957Aptamer-based
Yao et al. (Nature Comm, 2018); pre-print on bioRxivFramingham Heart Study 686171105Immuno-assay for proteins implicated in cardiovascular diseases, replication aptamer-based
Ruffieux et al., ASHG 2018 abstractOptifast Canadian cohort & DiOGenes cohort24331230136MS proteomics (130 proteins) and Aptamer-based (1100 proteins)