Comics take on: ST3GAL1 and esosinophils

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Methylation of cg00736681 (chr8:134,615,234) near ST3GAL1 associates with the expression of 30 genes (CLC, PRSS33, PTGDR2, SLC29A1, SIGLEC8, IL5RA, ALOX15, SEMA7A, EMR4P, SMPD3, SPNS3, CYSLTR2, RP11-704M14.1, RAB44, IL1RL1, RP11-800A3.4, CEBPE, P2RY2, PIK3R6, EMR1, ADORA3, BACE2, CCR3, LGALS12, IDO1, SORD, OLIG1, … Read More

Comics take on: glycoprotein acetyls

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Glycoprotein Acetyls (GlycA) is a read-out of the Nightingale (formerly Brainshake) platform. GlycA has been proposed as a novel inflammatory biomarker (see references below). Let’s take a look at the network around this interesting biomarker. Click here to access the … Read More

Comics take on: Leptin

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Leptin is an important hormone that regulates satiety. Here we look at the associations that we find in The Molecular Human. Click here to access the network on comics The associations with the multiomics traits reflect known leptin biology Most … Read More

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