Comics take on: ST3GAL1 and esosinophils

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Methylation of cg00736681 (chr8:134,615,234) near ST3GAL1 associates with the expression of 30 genes (CLC, PRSS33, PTGDR2, SLC29A1, SIGLEC8, IL5RA, ALOX15, SEMA7A, EMR4P, SMPD3, SPNS3, CYSLTR2, RP11-704M14.1, RAB44, IL1RL1, RP11-800A3.4, CEBPE, P2RY2, PIK3R6, EMR1, ADORA3, BACE2, CCR3, LGALS12, IDO1, SORD, OLIG1, CAMK1, ASB2, VSTM1). It also associates with eosinophil count and eosinophil percentage.

The first comics neighborhood of ST3GAL1 methylation.

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The genes that are regulated by ST3GAL1 play a role in asthma and atopic dermatitis

27 of these genes are listed in the String database. Out of these, fifteen overlap with an esophilic gene expression network associated with IgE in two distinct asthma populations (15/25, p-value=1.5E-28, red in the network below) [PubMed]. Five overlap with a network of nine genes involved in early-onset atopic dermatitis in blood and skin of pediatric patients (5/9, p-value=2.5E-6, blue in the network below) [PubMed].

String network of 27 transcripts associated with ST3GAL1 cg00736681 methylation in comics.