Introductory material from NHGRI

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Here we syndicate content provided by NHGRI on basic concepts related to this blog: A Brief Guide to Genomics FAQ About Genetic Testing FAQ About Newborn Screening Genome-Wide Association Studies Human Metabolic Individuality. A blog about metabolomics, genomics, and where … Read More

rs272889: SLC22A4 (OCTN1) and acylcarnitines

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The locus tagged by SNP rs272889 associates with a number of acylcarnitines, with isovalerylcarnitine (Metabolon platform) and the valine/C5 ratio (Biocrates platform) showing the strongest signals. This locus also associates with body height. NEWS: A recent paper on genome-wide patterns … Read More

Metabolomics platforms: The Biocrates p150 and p180 kit

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This post provides information regarding technical aspects of the Biocrates metabolomics platform. Biocrates is an Austrian metabolomics company that produces the targeted quantitative metabolomics kit p150. This kit runs on a number of mass spectrometry platform and measures 163 metabolites, … Read More

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